Thursday, January 29, 2009

MODERN ROMANCE: Confessions of a Bridal Designer

Okay, so all you boomers know Modern Romance used to be the most popular confession pulp back in the 1960s. Lately though I've been stalking Christine Gorman's Etsy site as well as top notch blog of the same name, Modern Romance. I'm totally taken with her wrap chic. Once I tracked her down I just had to ask her from when and where her muse (or muses) first visited. Here's what she said: "Inspiration for this line started with a friend who was getting married. Since their budget was tight she bought a simple dress and was having an impossible time finding a wrap or a scarf to dress it up. I started messing around with some silk I had and my first shoulder wrap was born!"

"My head was spinning with ideas after that and so I just kept creating. The fabrics I like to use for the wraps are dupioni silk and silk organza. I love dupioni because it has a wonderful texture that adds interest to the simple shapes I like to use in my designs. As for organza, what's not to love about the ethereal quality of billowing ruffles. I also am adding a crushed velvet cape to my site which I am mad about. I decided to make the lining with the velvet as well so that the bride can be enveloped in it. It is such a wonderful fabric that it seemed a shame to only have it on the outside! "

Christine, based in Portland, Oregon also creates lucious headpieces and birdcage veils. Handmade silk florals are one of her top specialties and these little flowers look almost real. A visit to her site is gaurenteed tol truly inspire you . . . .

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