Saturday, January 3, 2009


Time to start checking out some dos for 2009. Whether you're wearing a veil, headpiece or jewels in your hair, most probably you're going out for some top notch hairdressing on your wedding day. Most of the stylists I've seen who work weddings are true artists. The above photo is proof as stylist Kathie Rothkop took a white wig and transformed this bride into a contemporary Marie Antoinette. To me, the white wig is her own version of donning a veil. All the rest is head piece . . .

Real redheads are unique. It's not only the hair color but pale ivory coloring, freckles and texture of the hair that make her the real deal. If you're a true redhead celebrate the texture of your hair and opt for a looser updo that shows off that texture and thickness of your crowning glory. source
When I was a kid, this look was very in. Back then it was dubbed, 'The Flip'. If my mother or aunt came back from the hairdresser, this is usually the image that came home. It used to take a full head of rollers and sitting under the dryer reading Ladies Home Journal front to cover; now it can be done via curling iron and a good stylist. Great for a contemporary or even vintage 1960s wedding.
One of my favorite looks is the above chignon. It's the classic ballerina pull-back, refined and uncluttered. This shows you and your dress off to its best advantage. The orchid hints a beach or exotic wedding. Adorning this hairstyle with roses or peonies gives a more romantic look.

Classic and refined look. I'd highly recommend this woven bun for the traditional bride.
Another 1960s look. This one reminds me of mod London boutiques and discotheques (yes, even before disco they had --theque-- on the ending). She looks like one of 007's ladies doesn't she? source
Perfectly romantic . . . .

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