Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Here's the absolute zenith in Boho head chic for all you woodsy nymph brides out there.  How about putting a real honest to goodness crown of glory on your head?  Emily Zych of Which Goose has been wowing us with her natural twig and vine crowns.  An Etsy shopkeeper, her message is all about nature and it's ever changing landscape.  She hand gathers twigs and vines for these crowns you see here.  Says Emily,  "My crowns are made from a base of dried natural (real!) vines, harvested from along my favorite walking paths. They are stripped, woven and protected with a clear sealant. I try hard to be ecologically responsible with my supplies. I take only from places where vines are plentiful, and I usually take only the ones that are not growing anymore. . . " 
Below are just a few of my personal favs.  I highly recommend a visit to Emily's shop good for a mega dose of inspiration . . .

All photos courtesy Which Goose.  All rights reserved

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