Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ever versatile tulle is used for making everything from full, gathered skirts to poufs on head pieces.Defined, tulle is a fine mesh netting with a hexagonal pattern that comes in silk or nylon. It's the standard material for bridal veils. It's also used in bouffant skirts like the one pictured above, proffering that ballerina look Vera Wang reinvented about twenty years back. While the big tulle skirt is classic, edgier versions of late suggest special effects like draping, ruching and pick-up treatments over more modified skirt silhouettes. Not to be overlooked for trains done in layers.
French and Russian vetting used in the head piece above is a type of tulle; Yards and layers of softer silk tulle are gathered into the skirt above.
Tulle was used in layers on this bias skirt and also the shirred bodice and shoulders.  The head piece is a gathered pouf of point d'spirit  tulle. . .
Above: A beaded French net headpiece . . .

Left: A gathered tulle skirt is dappled in rose petals.  The bodice and gauntlets are shirred tulle.  A net pouf head piece accented with a rose adorns the bride's head.  Right: A shot of tulle is just what this silk rose and antique lace fascinator needs for the right dose of chic . . .

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