Friday, June 26, 2009

Why wedding ring is essential?

Most of the people are not know complete thing about affordable wedding ring and it worn on ring finger and it must symbol of married person and it is depending on where you live it would be wear in left or right both hands. In European countries Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Norway and few other countries are wear it on right hand and many western countries are wear it on left hand. In hand ring finger are having vein which is passes through the heart and it is called vein of love. When once believe this finger is having vein then the tradition of wearing of ring is started.

According to European wedding tradition the ring is engrave the name of spouse and date of marriage on the inside of the rings. This is the way or symbol of marriage union and commitment of each other. You face some problem to choice ring for you fiancée because see is very special for you and you are confused in selection, then you must select a ring which is like your fiancée very special. This is very touchy moment and if you want to make this memorable moment then you must give special ring in gift.

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