Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The stranded, hitchhiking or runway bride has been an intriguing subject the last couple years for a few fine art/fashion photographers all over the world. In my search for photos for this ongoing feature, I've found brides with thumbs out, stranded in urban settings against graffiti walls and even amid the desolation of abandoned warehouses.

My latest browsing for urban edge touches that say Street Chic Bride led me to these photos by Andras Schramm . I'm blown away by his uncanny ability to story tell through images. Juxtapose certainly creates an interesting composition here for this bride wandering around the desert somewhere near Las Vegas. The street in this case would be a highway--a lonely and deserted looking one at that. Regardless, her chic factor is amped up to awesome. The polka dot gown paired with the blast of head pouf adds an overall drama to these images.
Andras Schram

Andras Schram

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