Monday, September 1, 2008


If you’re a bride expecting you're going to find some stunning gowns out there. I’m impressed by all the glossy, editorial-style photos of mom-to-be /brides proudly sporting full, rounded tummies. Designers are finally heeding the call for trendy bridal gowns ranging from the most traditional to total ‘edge’.

Whether you buy online or order from a retailer make sure your getting an actual maternity design, not just a dress cut off a standard empire or tent style. All those adorable dresses you see coming off the runways these days look plenty roomy but real maternity gowns are cut longer in front to accommodate a growing tummy.

All gowns pictured courtesy of Maternity Bride

If you’re ordering online you might want to go one size up on some gowns to ensure proper fit. Designer Sarah Houston has developed a measuring system that does ensure proper fit for a bride at any stage of her expectancy. If you’re having your gown custom made discuss ordering extra fabric with your designer or seamstress. And because someone is always getting pregnant, designers haven’t forgotten your wedding party. Mom’s Night Out offers not only bridal but a few cocktail/bridesmaid styles worth checking out. Below are some of the best sites to get you started.

Mom’s Night Out-Maternity bridal and evening
Sarah Houston-Maternity bridal and bridesmaid
Maternity Bride-Maternity bridal and couture maternity
Bridal Bumps-UK company with maternity division for bride and bridesmaid

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