Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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Finding international wedding photographer Critsey Rowe's awesome portfolio totally blew me away. When I first laid eyes on her work, I thought she might be one of those photographers who covered VIP weddings for some fashion glossy. Having a talent for putting together exquisite compositions, she's actually a wedding photographer comissioned to do work all over the world. Personally, I think Critsey's clients look like they just stepped out of the pages of Grace Ormonde or Paris Vogue.

The montage above focuses on those of her clients all having something in common. Notice how each chose to replace the traditional veil with their own particular version of head chic. Just look at the array of choices here--flowers, hair bling, plumage, a wisp of netting, exqusite hairdressing. Once unheard of, going without a veil is now a fashionable option. Want more choices? For more info about headwear go to http://www.pashweddings.com/content/articles/125/1/Unveiled-Alternatives-in-Headwear/Page1.html

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